STUN Connection Information

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STUN Signaling Addresses

VOIP Awesome STUN servers are located in different regions. Besides the main domain, you can choose which region to use by configuring your STUN device to use any of the region specific STUN servers:

United States, East
FQDNIP Address

STUN Regions affect only the STUN signaling path. Please note that the RTP media has a different set of IP addresses, please refer to the Media/RTP section of this document.

DNS Records

The FQDNs for each region support DNS records types A, and SRV

The DNS A records resolve to the primary IP address, while the DNS SRV records will allow you to use both IPs, primary and secondary, while also discovering the available transport protocols and their ports.

STUN Signaling Ports

VOIP Awesome supports the following transport protocols for STUN signaling:
Transport ProtocolPort

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